• Shipping and Returns Questions?

    Head on over to our Shipping and Returns section for the skinny on all things part-n-parcel.
  • What's the story behind the brand? 

    Own Beauty was founded as the female-led counterpart of EVERY MAN JACK. We strive to bring naturally derived formulas and recyclable packaging at an accessible and affordable price. Today, we continue to take steps to bring the best ingredients and packaging for you and the environment.
  • What does "natural aromatic extracts" really mean?

    Aromatic extracts are the most pure form of natural scent - they're derived directly from plants. This means the aroma is exactly what you would smell if holding the plant. Aromatic extracts are considered fragrance free, since they do not contain synthetic compounds. They are completely natural, and they maintain the botanical benefits of the original plant.

  • Where are the ingredients sourced from and formulated in? 

    We proudly formulate and manufacture all of our products in the US.
  • Are these products eco-friendly?

    All Own Beauty products are responsibly sourced. Our body wash and hand wash bottles are made with at least 50% post-consumer recycled plastic. You can bet we'll continue to incorporate recycled materials into our packaging whenever possible.